Friday, September 30, 2011

Stroll by William King

Located on the South Street Bridge connecting to Penns Landing, Stroll has to be one of my favorite public pieces of art in all of Philadelphia!

Enjoy the journey...ADP

Public Art Along 600 South Front Street

These beautiful approximately 1 foot square pieces of art were hanging on the wire mesh walls along Front Street overlooking I-95. There was no sign as to who they belong to. It was unclear to me exactly why they are there but they are really nice and hope they don't get stolen, unless the artist wants them to be....

Enjoy the journey...ADP

Penn Park at Dusk

I went to Penn Park hoping for a good shot of the skyline at dusk but there were too many bright lights to accomplish that. I did however, get some very nice shots...

View of University City
Pedestrian bridge from Walnut Street
Soccer Field

Hamlin Tennis Courts and Franklin Fields
Another pedestrian bridge
Cira Center on the lower right hand side
Philly Skyline

Enjoy the journey...ADP

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Art Sculptures on Penn Campus

Riding my bike through Penn Campus, I saw some very nice public work of art.

Pan with Sun Dial by Beatrice Fenton

“Ben on the Bench” sculpture by George Lundeen at 37th Street and Locust Walk was a gift from the Class of 1962 and was presented to the University for the class’ 25th reunion in 1987. The piece shows Franklin reading The Pennsylvania Gazette, one of his own publications.
Alexander Liberman, 1974

Love Sculpture by Robert Indiana

Installed in 1998, Robert Indiana’s “LOVE” statue, on Locust Walk near 36th Street, was a gift from Jeffrey and Sivia Loria. It is one of several variations of the sculpture created by Indiana between 1966 and 1998. Another one resides in Center City’s LOVE Park (or JFK Plaza)

Enjoy the journey...ADP

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Construction of 11th & Fitzwater (Bella Vista)

Construction of 11th & Fitzwater (Bella Vista): Before & After Photo

The first 12 photos were captured during the winter of 2005 to spring of 2006. The 13th photo in 2009, and the last photo today as the city reshaped street parking.

Enjoy the journey...ADP